Enhancing customers' technology experience

As part of our digital-first strategy, we strive to improve ease of access for our customers and to make our services user-friendly and technologically innovative.

This year, we have made significant progress towards the implementation of our revenue management system modernisation, a predominantly cloud-based system which will significantly enhance customer experience. It will allow us to increase efficiency by further automating tasks and services via ‘real time’ processing, and help us to connect with other platforms, enhance security and identification processes and provide case management solutions for our customer-facing staff.

Key technology developments over the 2021-22 year included:

  • implementation of the Victorian Homebuyer Fund customer portal, which provides a customer-facing service delivery, meaning a more transparent, accessible and user-friendly system for customers
  • continued enhancement of our cybersecurity, including the implementation of multifactor authentication
  • establishment of a payment gateway with Services Victoria, as we increase our commitment to reusable, connected services across Victorian Government organisations
  • creation of the Revenue Line Roadmap, which will guide the replatforming of our existing 25 revenue lines.