2021–22 at a glance


Measure Result in 2021-22
Total revenue assessed $25.8B
Land tax assessed $4.1B
Payroll tax revenue assessed $7.6B
Land transfer duty revenue assessed $10.4B
Total grants paid  $223.4M in first home owner grants to 16,886 customers
Total unclaimed monies paid 19,050 unclaimed money claims worth $10.4M
Covid relief measures Relief provided in 2021-22 includes: $1.8 million in land transfer duty relief; $11.2 million in payroll tax relief; $1.1 million in congestion levy relief
Customer engagement  
Total revenue assessed from compliance activities $912.4M
Customer satisfaction 96% (target 85%)
Calls handled 290,031
Calls handled within KPI (5-minute answering time) 62%
Emails handled 53,647
Land tax assessments issued 455,094
Customer education seminars/webinars conducted 14 customer education online webinars and presentations, to a total of 1164 customers
Website views 62.9 million pageviews
Customers using electronic transactions (major revenue lines):  
Land transfer duty More than 99% of regular land transfer duty transactions completed through Duties Online
Payroll tax 100% completed through Payroll Tax Express
Land tax 27.3% of transactions  completed using My Land Tax
Objections, private rulings and appeals  
Objections received from taxpayers 4351
Objections processed within KPI (80% in 90 days) 81% within 90 days
Objections allowed in full or part 36%
Objections disallowed in full or part 50%
Objections withdrawn or invalid 13%
Private rulings completed 1228
Private rulings processed within KPI (80% in 90 days) 86%
Appeals completed 59
Appeals settled before hearing 47
Appeals won by SRO at court 11
Appeals won by taxpayer at court 1
Our people  
Staff satisfaction 78% (compared to VPS average 67%)
Staff engagement 73% (compared to VPS average 69%)
Staff inclusion 82% (compared to VPS average 78%)
Staff with more than 10 years’ service 40% (compared to VPS average 24%)
Staff suggestions via the i-Think system 190 ideas were submitted for the year and 72 ideas were implemented (37.9%) for the year
Our organisation  
Debt on hand $885M
Debt-to-revenue ratio monthly average (target < 2%) 3.20% (compared to ATO annual 8.5% ratio of collectable debt to net tax collections)
Cost to collect $100  $0.47 (compared to the mean for other revenue offices of $0.48)
Customer-facing IT system availability >99.9%
ISO 9001 Quality Certification maintained – only revenue office in Australia Yes