Our people

Developing a committed, talented and dedicated workforce is key to our continued ability to deliver outstanding revenue management services for the Victorian community.

Through our People and Culture Strategy 2020–23, we encourage excellence by investing in our highly capable staff so we can respond effectively and efficiently in a fast-changing world.

In 2021-22:

  • We completed a comprehensive review of our internal recruitment processes to ensure that sourcing, selection, onboarding and induction at SRO optimises the recruitment process for hiring managers and candidates.  
  • Our Gender Equality Action Plan was completed, and endorsed by the Gender Equality Commission. In conjunction with our Disability Action Plan and Diversity and Inclusion Plan, an internal committee will develop a four-year implementation plan to support and promote gender equality and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

People and performance

As a leading government employer, we continue to demonstrate strong performance against key benchmarks.

The annual People Matter Survey provides an overview of our performance in relation to our people, and benchmarks this performance against other organisations in the Victorian Public Service (VPS). The comparator group comprises a range of other VPS organisations, including major departments. 

Our performance is consistently above the VPS average on key metrics, including staff engagement (73% for the SRO, compared to 69% for the VPS comparator group) and staff satisfaction (78% for the SRO, compared to 68% for the VPS comparator group). 

Building our workforce and recognising our staff

We support and maintain our high-performing workforce through strategies to build performance and progression, staff development and comprehensive health and wellbeing initiatives. In 2021–22, our turnover was 6.75% for permanent staff. 

More than 40% of our workforce remains employed with us for 10 or more years, compared to a VPS average of 24%. This year, we recognised the commitment and loyalty of our long-serving staff with our dedicated service awards. 

In 2021–22, we employed 151 (147 full-time equivalent) new people. 

Our diverse workforce

In 2021–22, we had 743 (712 full-time equivalent) people employed at the SRO. 

We can measure our diversity and inclusion achievements through our participation in surveys such as the People Matter Survey (2021) and through our current human resource data. 

  • 20.3% of respondents to our People Matter Survey identified as being born overseas 
  • 16% of respondents to our People Matter Survey were 55 or older 
  • 41% of our leadership and management positions were held by female employees.
  • In the People Matter Survey, “Inclusion” was rated at 82% compared to our VPS comparator group of 79%.

In addition, we commenced a program of disability traineeship through the Yes Disability program, employing trainees on 12-month contracts.

Career development

We provided significant professional development programs and continued to refine our online learning platform, with staff completing an average 33 learning hours plus on-the-job training in important areas including tax technical study, occupational health and safety, cybersecurity and privacy protection. 

In the People Matter Survey, 73% of SRO staff agreed that we place a high priority on learning and development (compared to 58% in the VPS comparator group).

Health and safety

Our workplace safety benchmarks align with the Safe Work Australia measures. 

Our number of claims per 100 staff was 0.14 (against a target of 0.35). Our WorkCover premium rate is 0.579% (44.38% better than our industry’s average).




650 FTE staff 20-21
712 FTE staff 21-22
5.8% staff turnover rate 20-21
6.8% staff turnover rate 21-22
278 Internal Job opportunities 20-21
571   Internal Job opportunities 21-22
24% 10 years' service or more  - VPS
40% 10 years' service or more - SRO